Fuel Coffee + Food: Geelong's hidden gem

by Janet Stayte February 24, 2023 2 min read

For years, Melbourne has been the go-to city for specialty coffee. And it makes sense; with it being home to some of the best cafes around, as well as being a haven for coffee roasteries, such as us here at Rumble Coffee.

But the regional cities have upped their game in the specialty coffee scene in recent years. We've seen this transformation particularly so, in Ballarat, and Geelong.

Fuel Coffee and Food best coffee in Geelong

It’s down the cobblestoned Gore Place, in the heart of central Geelong that you'll see this specialty coffee evolution in all its glory: at Fuel Coffee + Food. A hidden little gem that prioritises specialty coffee alongside efficient and friendly service. The space is small and cozy, with a slightly industrial feel. And it's a hive of activity. This cafe is hidden down a backstreet, but it has well and truly established itself as the perfect place for a morning coffee, or a quick lunch, particularly amongst local office workers. The team of friendly staff behind this Geelong cafe, know what it takes to make great coffee, and their focus on consistency and speed, is what makes Fuel one of the best places in Geelong for delicious coffee, and great service.

Coffee at Fuel Coffee and Food in Geelong CentralPre-covid, owner John, had actually been a customer at Fuel. An old hand behind the coffee machine, and having run a cafe in Westfield Geelong for years, John saw potential in this great cafe, and mid 2022, he purchased the business, and took on the risk and challenge of transforming Fuel into what it is today; a true specialty coffee joint with an increased focus on making great coffee using specialty coffee beans.

Having tried Rumble Coffee at Cobbs Coffee in Ballarat, John knew that he wanted to start using Rumble's coffee beans. It was one small way he wanted to put his stamp on Fuel Coffee + Food, and establish the cafe as one of the best cafes for excellent coffee in Central Geelong. The risk in changing things up, and choosing to use a different coffee, has well and truly paid off for John and his team. The coffee speaks for itself, and has helped to establish Fuel Coffee + Food as the perfect place for specialty coffee in Geelong.