what is transparency?

We talk a lot about transparent coffee. This means that we publish what we pay for each coffee, so you can feel great about your coffee, knowing it's supporting farmers and their communities.

Our core belief is that numbers don't lie, which is why we share what we pay for every coffee we sell. This information can be found on our transparency blog.

This is our way of not just talking sustainability and fair pricing, but actually living it out. It's no easy feat, but we reckon it's important for the future of specialty coffee.


We think fair trade pricing should be the minimum price for coffee.

We don't label our coffee as "fair trade coffee," because we can do one better. We pay coffee growers well above the fair trade price, and the commodity price, and so we should - our coffee is specialty coffee, so there's a lot of work that goes into producing it, and growers should be paid well for that!

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