Our Story

Based in a bonafide brick warehouse conversion in Melbourne’s mighty west, Rumble Coffee Roasters is passionately dedicated to supplying knock-out coffee to businesses keen for service with soul.

We began Rumble with a vision to do things differently. After decades running some of Melbourne’s most awarded cafes and espresso bars, we were totally in love with specialty coffee. And yet, we felt that there was so much more that coffee roasters could be doing to support their cafes and the people from which they purchase coffee. 

That’s how the Rumble difference was born: quality, consistency and a no-bullshit policy. We stand for a total commitment to transparency, relaxed and experienced service, and delicious coffees to boot.

And our coffee? Knock-out blends and world class single origins, all transparently sourced. We pride ourselves on personal relationships with our producers and customers alike. Most importantly, we pay our farmers fairly so that they can invest in their land, people and communities, all in the name of a more sustainable future for all. 

Our core belief is that numbers don’t lie. Committed to sharing all possible information regarding the prices we pay for our world-class coffees, we get a buzz from arming fellow coffee lovers with the tasty truth about what’s in your cup of Rumble brew.  

Delicious coffee that makes you feel damn good? Come Rumble with us.

The Rumble Coffee Team Laughing out the front of the roller door to their Roastery