Looking for a bulk order of custom coffee beans sourced, roasted and blended to a specific flavour profile or looking to start your own coffee brand?
Are you an established coffee brand looking to expand? Or are you a cafe or hospitality business looking to have branded in-house coffee blend that's also sold on the shelves? Contract roasting from Rumble Coffee could be for you.

Whether it's 100 bags, or 100kg, we have contract roasting options to suit your needs.

Just want to try the coffee? Order our private label sample blends here

Contract Coffee Roasting

With Rumble's contract coffee roasting services, we'll bring our years of specialty coffee expertise to the table, and deliver a specialty coffee experience that your customers will remember you for.

With low minimum order quantities and high volume roasting capacity, whatever your contract coffee needs, Rumble Coffee Roasters are here to help. 

We offer comprehensive blend options for all types of coffee drinkers and you can select from one of our popular specialty blends or design your own custom coffee blend to meet the needs of your customers. We'll take care of sourcing, roasting and bagging for you.

Using only sustainably and ethically sourced specialty grade green beans, our Director and Head Roaster & coffee Buyer Matt Hampton works closely with you to craft a great bean and roast profile tailored to your individual business needs. 

Roasted coffee can be delivered in bulk, or bagged up in 250g or 1kg packs ready for you to sell.

Quality & Consistency: 

Our state of the art profiling technology, small batch roasting and post blending ensures the ideal flavour profile is achieved on every roast and our certified Q Grader Alex Cole closely monitors the roasting process for quality and consistency for every batch. 

Training & Support: 

With our decades of combined industry experience, our passionate team of coffee experts can assist with everything from barista and gear training, to support with packaging and design helping you to bring your coffee to life. 


Above all else, you can rely on our commitment to transparency and sustainable purchasing of coffee, and supporting the farmers, communities and regions coffee is grown.


If you need a short run of roasted coffee, with branded labelling and low minimum order quantities, talk to us about Private Label Coffee.

Select from one of our existing specialty coffee blends or Supply Coffee lines, and provide your artwork for the coffee bags, and we'll take care of roasting, packing, and labelling, ready for you to send to your customers.

Private label is perfect for once-off promotion runs, including corporate promotions, branded gifts for hampers, or celebrating a product launch.

We put the same care and attention into roasting your private label coffee as we do our own Rumble blends, and you can be guaranteed amazing coffee with every roast.


Rumble were & are a breeze! Super fast, amazing quality beans, & bag and damn it’s a tasty blend.

Nothing better than working with local companies.

We love doing exclusive band collabs with them and are grateful for our relationship with Joe!

Super Special Merchandise

Rumble’s dedication to transparency and quality is an absolute blessing to the coffee industry. It’s simply about trust.

We know that they will work tirelessly at finding us the best coffee for our products, and telling us exactly the conditions of where our coffee is sourced.

We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with Rumble, and we simply do not where we would be if we hadn’t worked with them.

Jimmy Elias
First Press Merchants

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Contact us to discuss your roasting requirements.


Prices will vary depending on your requirements, but expect a Private Label minimum run of 25kg to start at $1000.

Smaller runs can be be arranged, get in touch to discuss your needs

Yes. The minimum order for Private Label is 25kg (100 x 250gm bags)

Minimum quantities for Contract Roasting are flexible for existing customers.

Yes. Long term minimum orders will apply for custom roast development, as we'll need to forecast the purchasing of the green coffee.

We'll bag the coffee and box it up, ready for collection or ship to you, but private label and contract roasting do not include shipping/fulfilment options.

No we don't.

We did for a period during 2020/21 but found that it didn't work out for our customers or us.

Sorry but we only ship within Australia.

We've found the cost of shipping coffee internationally to be prohibitive. We recommend you approach a local roastery in your home city/country.