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How To Brew the Best Moccamaster

How To Brew the Best Moccamaster


  1. The Moccamaster brews exceptional filter coffee (our favourite is the Moccamaster Select). 
  2. Start with fresh, filter roast specialty coffee like our Sweet Science Blend or one of our single origins.
  3. Grind right before use, follow a recipe and enjoy.

The mighty Moccamaster by Technivorm is our favourite batch coffee brewer because of its simplicity, repeatability and the quality and quantity of the brewed coffee it produces. You start with fresh ground coffee, put it in the filter basket, fill the water reservoir and push start. Six minutes later, you can have up to 10 cups of fresh filter coffee.

Matt from Rumble Coffee holding a Moccamaster Classic in shade Midnight Blue.

At our roastery espresso bar, we brew into insulated airpots that can keep the coffee warm for hours. Moccamaster also sells a thermal carafe that does an excellent job of keeping coffee warm. Some models have a hot plate that you can turn on to keep your coffee hot. We do not recommend using the hot plate because it can easily overheat and cook your coffee.

Moccamaster has a range of models to suit different needs. The Moccamaster classic is the smallest model and the perfect coffee machine for home. It’s available in a range of colours to suit any kitchen and is easier to use than an espresso machine.

Close up of Bright Yellow Moccamaster Classic alongside Rumble Coffee's dog mug, and a bag of Rumble Coffee Roasters Kenyan single origin.

The model we use and recommend commercially, and the largest is the 1.8L Thermoserve. All models use high quality components and last for years without repair.



  • Rumble Coffee

  • Moccamaster

  • Paper filter

  • Freshly ground coffee

  • Hot water

  • Cold filtered water

  • Spoon

  • Timer

  • Vessel

Close up of Yellow Technivorm Moccamaster Classic sitting on coffee bench at Rumble Coffee. Blurred image of Rumble Coffee single origin bag in background
  • Setup: Grab the filter holder and remove the diffuser from the top. Place the paper filter in the basket, making sure it’s even around the sides.

  • Put the filter holder back into the Moccamaster and move the spout to the side. Rinse the paper filter with your hot water. Let the water drain through to warm up the carafe, then pour the water out.

  • Check that the filter is still evenly placed.

  • Grind: Add fresh, coarse ground (think raw sugar) coffee to the Moccamaster. (Use 60g of coffee per 1l of water)

  • Tap the holder to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

  • Brew: Add your filtered water to the reservoir.

  • Turn the Moccamaster on (make sure the spout is back over the centre of the grounds).

  • Once you can hear the water boiling and see it come out, push start on your timer.

  • When the coffee is saturated, give it a gentle stir with your spoon.

  • Put your diffuser back on.

  • Aim for a six-minute brew time, but anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 is fine. If it is outside that window, then adjust your grind.

  • Pour: Grab the carafe and give it a swirl, pour it into your vessel and enjoy.

Close up of Yellow Technivorm Moccamaster Classic pouring filter coffee into a Rumble Coffee Roasters mug

What grind is best for a Moccamaster? For smaller machines, like the Moccamaster Classic, a medium grind works well. As you brew larger volumes, say above 1 litre on the Thermoserve or CDT Grand, then coarse is better.

How much coffee do you put in a Technivorm Moccamaster? It depends on how much brewed coffee you need. Brewing delicious coffee of any type is all about the coffee-to-water ratio.

We follow the SCAA brewing guidelines which recommend 60g of ground coffee per 1 litre of water (or 6g per 100ml).

Do I rinse the paper filter? Yes. We rinse the filter paper after we put it in the filter basket. This takes away any papery taste and leaves a clean cup.

How long do you brew a Moccamaster? The brewing time will depend on the grind size of your coffee. We aim for around six minutes and adjust the grind as needed.

Do you use filter coffee in a Moccamaster? Filter coffee is a great option for this coffee maker. Our filter coffee range changes seasonally and lets you try a variety of floral and fruit-driven coffees.

Carly from Rumble Coffee holding a Yellow Moccamaster Classic outside the Rumble Coffee Roastery in Kensington

If you like more body in your batch brew or even add some milk, then our espresso roasts work well. Our Haymaker and Street Fighter blends are tasty.

The simplicity of the brewing process is a huge part of the charm of the Moccamaster. If you put great coffee in then you are almost guaranteed a perfect cup.