How to Brew the Perfect Stovetop Coffee

by Joe Molloy October 06, 2022 3 min read


  1. Stovetops can brew excellent coffee
  2. Start with fresh roasted, specialty coffee like our Shadow Boxer Blend.
  3. Grind right before use, follow a recipe and enjoy.

The stovetop is a hugely popular brewing device. Also called a moka pot, stovetop espresso or Bialetti after its inventor Alfonso Bialetti. It's known for brewing thick, strong, espresso-like coffee. The steam pressure that builds up in the brewing process extracts loads of flavour and crema and can make a powerful and delicious coffee.

We love the humble Stovetop and sell them here. All our our espresso blends work well but the mighty Shadow Boxer is strong place to start. 

Open moka pot, sitting on portable stovetop unit. Other coffee making tools in background.

Moka pot coffee is the closest we can get to a shot of espresso without actually having an espresso machine. But, if brewed badly it can result in a bitter and over-brewed cup. Perfect stovetop coffee is possible, you just need to follow the steps below.

As with all brew methods, we recommend using fresh ground coffee, scales and a timer.

Here's how we like to brew it.




  • Stovetop
  • Element/Hot Plate
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Scales
  • Hot filtered water
  • Funnel
  • Timer
  • Vessel

Close up of coffee grinds being poured into stovetop coffee maker, using Rumble Coffee 


  • Setup: Grab the filter from the base of the stovetop and place the funnel inside.
  • Grind: Add fresh, fine to medium ground (think caster sugar) coffee to the stovetop filter.(Use 7.5g of coffee per 100ml of water-for 1 cup try 15g for 200ml)
  • Tap the filter holder to level out the ground coffee and remove any air pockets.
  • Brew:Use hot filtered water for a shorter brew time
  • Pour the hot water into the base of the stovetop.
  • Insert the filter with the ground coffee back into the stovetop and screw on the top piece, making sure it’s tight.
  • Place on your hotplate and turn it on.
  • Listen to the brew, when you hear it bubbling/brewing turn the element off.
  • Take the stovetop off the element and leave for a minute or so to finish brewing.
  • Pour: Once you hear the brewing stop, pickup the stovetop, pour into your vessel and enjoy. Stovetop can be quite strong so add more water if needed.


What's the best coffee for Stovetop?We recommend an espresso roast like one of our blends. Shadow Boxer brews a strong, chocolatey cup while Street Fighter is more cocoa and berries. If you are looking for something to expand your horizons our single-origin espresso coffees change seasonally and are fruity and sweet.

Screwing top and bottom piece of stovetop espresso maker (also known as a Bialetti or moka pot)

Should you start with cold or hot water in the Moka Pot? Cold water obviously takes longer to heat up which means the ground coffee is heating up for quite some time. This can make your stovetop coffee bitter and unenjoyable. We advise starting with hot water to keep the total brew time short and the coffee delicious.

What grind should you use for your stovetop coffee maker?Use a fine to medium grind, not as fine as an espresso grind. The slightly coarser grind will stop the coffee from taking too long to brew and becoming bitter.

How much coffee do you put in a stovetop espresso maker?Fill the basket and make sure it's level and even. You don't need to press or tamp the coffee grounds down.

Is Stovetop the same as percolator? While they can look similar, The stovetop espresso maker is not the same as a coffee percolator. In the percolator, water repeatedly comes down through the bed of coffee grounds and then back up. This can result in dirty, over-brewed coffee.

Opening top of stovetop coffee maker.

Is it OK to use an aluminium Moka Pot? Many stovetops are made from aluminium and there was a health scare around cooking with aluminium a few years ago. Further studies have not found a link so you needn't worry. Stainless steel is another option and we sell the Avanti Inox Espresso Coffee Maker. It makes perfect stovetop coffee while looking great and lasting forever. Check them out here.

If you need some tips on other brew methods, check out our Brew Guides section on our website. We cover Aeropress, Plunger, Moccamaster and more.