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What is batch brew coffee?

What is batch brew coffee?


  1. Batch brew is excellent way to make delicious coffee
  2. Start with fresh, filter roast specialty coffee like our Sweet Science Blend or one of our single origins.
  3. Grind right before use, follow a recipe and enjoy.

Batch Brew coffee has been around for a long time but has come into its own in recent years in specialty coffee shops. Batch brewing is a filter coffee made on a large scale. When using manual brewers like a pour over the largest amount you can make is around 500ml. Batch brewing usually starts at 500ml and then goes up to 2L or more. The brew is made using an automatic machine which makes it convenient and economical. There are some drawbacks to batch brewing but the many benefits make batch brew coffee worth thinking about if you run a café or need coffee for more than a couple of people.

Matt with Moccamaster Classic in Midnight Blue, available from Rumble Coffee Roasters in Kensington

How they work

Batch brewers work just like a pour-over. Hot water falls over coffee grounds in a paper filter and gravity does the rest of the work. There are basic models that require a little bit more input and more sophisticated versions that are plumbed in and that you can add presets to like how much water you want to brew with, bloom amount, time etc. What brewer is best will depend on your circumstances. Even using the more basic models you reduce the chance of human error when brewing coffee.

Brands of brewers

There are a number of different brands of batch brewers but to keep things simple we’ll cover three: Breville, Moccamaster, Fetco.


The Breville Precision brewer is a great and relatively inexpensive filter coffee maker. It can make from one-cup up to 1.8L and is an excellent choice for someone who loves drinking filter coffee at home.


This is our brewer of choice in our café and what we like for the home as well.

For home, we recommend the Moccamaster Classic. Apart from being a damn good-looking machine, it makes consistent quality brews anywhere from one to ten cups. 

Moccamaster Classic in Yellow Pepper, available from Rumble Coffee Roasters

For the café environment we recommend, and use ourselves, the Moccamaster Thermoserve. One of the main advantages with this brewer is that it brews straight into Airpots. Airpots keep your brew hot for a long time and with the pump style of serving are great for a busy café.

For more information on our Moccamaster range head to our website:



These are serious batch brewers. If you are doing large quantities of filter coffee at your coffee shop this is could be the best option. Plumbed in and with the ability to adjust lots of presets, if your customers love filter coffee and you’re going through a lot this is the brewer for you.

How to make one

The process is the same for most batch brewers.

  1. Fill the reservoir with the amount of water you need

  2. Remove the cone and place in a paper filter

  3. Wet the filter

  4. Add ground coffee (we recommend a brew ratio of 60g:1L of water)

  5. Replace cone

  6. Put whatever pot you are using underneath

If your brewer is plumbed in you can skip step 1.

Make the brews last

If you invest in some good brew pots your coffee will stay hot and delicious for a good amount of time. Properly insulated pots can hold a freshly made brew for a good 2hrs before the temperature drops to a point where you may consider not serving it.

Batch Brew made in a Moccamaster from Rumble Coffee Roasters. Served in Rumble Coffee's diner mug

The cons
One thing that you don’t get out of a batch brewer compared to manual brewing options is accuracy. When making a one or two-cup brew you can get very precise with your method. If you know what you're doing you can make some really outstanding filter coffee.

If you make larger batches late in the day or if you don’t sell a lot you may find yourself having to pour out some coffee. But with how long it lasts it shouldn’t be a big issue. 

The pros

Batch brewers are efficient, making a brew takes a minute or two to set up and about 5 minutes to brew. From this, you can get 6 cups or more and it only takes seconds to serve.

Cost. The recommended coffee-to-water ratio is 60g to 1L which gets you 4 or 5 servings. Compare this to an espresso where if you use 20g per shot you would use 80-100g of coffee to make the same number of servings.

It makes a great cold filter. To get the most out of a coffee it’s best to brew it hot. Using a batch brewer you can brew up some hot coffee, let it cool and put it in the fridge ready to serve on ice. 



What grind size should I use?

You’ll find the best result using a medium to coarse grind but leaning towards coarse.

Rumble Coffee Roasters specialty coffee beans

How much caffeine is in a batch brew?

Like any kind of coffee, it depends on how you make it. Compared to espresso coffee, as a percentage of the brew there is less but given the serving size of a filter coffee you’ll find there is a little more caffeine in a batch brew.

Is drip coffee the same as batch brew?


How long does coffee stay fresh after brewing?

Not as long as you'd like. After about twenty minutes your brew starts to fade as it interacts with the air. That's why we store our batch brew in airpots to extend its life. If you are brewing a large amount of batch brew then you want to store it in an airtight vessel as soon after brewing as possible.

Batch Brew being served at Cobbs Coffee Ballarat

Should I make batch brew at my cafe/coffee shop?

Yes! One way for specialty coffee shops to stand out from the rest is by the quality of their batch brew. Every cafe has an espresso machine but how many offer batch brew? They don't take up much room on your coffee bar and black coffee drinkers love to drink batch. It's also a fantastic way to showcase different single origins and drive retail sales.