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Coffee Pods: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Coffee Pods: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Coffee Pods Explained

We get it. You’re busy. Just because you work from home three days a week doesn’t mean you always have time to brew a pour-over of a delicate Ethiopian filter roast. Sometimes you only have time to smash a pod in the machine and detach a child from your leg before the next Zoom meeting. 

So we’ve listened and have developed our popular blends Shadow Boxer and Street Fighter into pod form. But what are pods? And how do they make coffee?

Understanding Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules

Coffee pods or capsules are, simply, an easy and fast way to a cup of coffee. These little powerhouses are single-serving packets, filled with carefully measured and ground coffee beans, sealed within their own filter. They are designed for compatibility with specific types of coffee machines, from Aldi and their Expressi system to the most common in Australia, the Nespresso Compatible Capsule or Nespresso pods. Nespresso machines are the most common in Australia.

The mechanics of coffee pods are an ingenious blend of simplicity and precision. When inserted into a compatible coffee machine like a Nespresso system, the machine pierces the pod’s top and bottom. The hot pressurised water is then forced through the pod. This coffee extraction process allows the water to absorb the rich flavour profiles and aroma from the coffee grounds within the pod. The water, now transformed into a cup of coffee, flows out through the bottom of the pod and into your cup. 

Each pod is enough for a single cup, but if you are after a stronger, richer brew, then you can always double up and use two espresso pods.

Specialty coffee pods

Within moments, you’re savouring a brew that’s consistent in taste and quality, all from a conveniently packaged coffee pod. Capsule coffee offers much of the speed and convenience of instant coffee in a much tastier beverage. This process beautifully illustrates the innovative strides taken in the name of convenience and taste for coffee lovers worldwide.

Their convenience, variety, and exceptional consistency in taste have led to an explosion of Nespresso-compatible pods and capsules, a testament to their popularity among coffee lovers. With a coffee pod, you insert it into your Nespresso machine, press a button, and your day is kick-started by the aroma and taste of fresh coffee extraction at its finest.

What are the best Coffee Pods?

Coffee pods come in various types. The market is awash with brands offering plastic and compostable pods; the latter being an eco-friendly option made from plant-based materials. Soft pods, reminiscent of large tea bags filled with ground coffee, are also a choice for the environmentally conscious. But their compatibility with coffee machines is often limited and they don’t brew great coffee.

Home compostable pods are popular for ease of disposal, but they don’t protect the coffee from ageing as well as aluminium.

Aluminium coffee pods stand tall in this landscape of Nespresso-compatible capsules. These hard pods contain 6-7 grams of coffee and produce good espresso-style coffee in no time. The aluminium seals in the freshly ground coffee and allows for high pressure in the brewing process.

Why choose Aluminium Coffee Pods?

Aluminium coffee pods offer several unique advantages. For one, aluminium is 100% recyclable, and this aligns with our drive towards sustainability in the specialty coffee industry. Despite its recyclability, the material keeps its properties, meaning the pods can be recycled without losing their characteristics.

Aluminium affords the best protection against oxygen, light, and moisture. This preserves the freshness of the coffee beans inside, ensuring that each extraction delivers the full flavour profiles and aroma the coffee roaster intended. 

Our goal is to have the quality of our pod coffee as high as every other coffee we sell. After sourcing and roasting our specialty coffee, we need to make sure it gets to your pod machine in the best condition. Aluminium is by far the best option.

Recycling Aluminium Pods

Aluminium coffee capsules are too small to be recycled via your local curbside recycling and so shouldn’t be put in your recycling bin. Instead, you can return them to us at our roastery, at 8 Thompson St Kensington, or any of the other Nespresso collection points. There are 19,000 of them across Australia, so you will find one nearby.

Rumble Coffee Roasters: Elevating Your Coffee Experience

At Rumble Coffee Roasters, we’re committed to delivering products that not only taste great but also contribute positively to the environment. We’re thrilled to announce our entry into the Nespresso compatible pods market.

We’re launching a line of Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Coffee Pods, designed for Nespresso machines. Each pod promises the same quality, consistency, and exceptional taste that our customers love in our traditional coffee offerings.

Soon you will enjoy your favourite Rumble Coffee Roasters’ specialty coffee with the push of a button. Our Shadow Boxer and Street Fighter blends will be the first to step into the arena, but more blends and decaf will follow.