Kenya Kiangundo Filter

Sweet Rhubarb - Lime - Green Apple

Washing Station: Kiangundo 
Farmers Coop: Kiama 

Region: Nyeri 
Altitude: 1750 to 1850 masl
Varietal: SL28, SL34 Ruiru 11
Process: Washed

Transparency Report: Available Here. 


Established in 1974, Kiangundo is a washing station located in Nyeri County, Karatina. Owned by the Kiama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Society which serves over 2,100 producers of Kenya’s central highlands, Kiangundo is managed by the wonderful David Kamau.

Nyeri County is part of Kenya’s former Central Province, dissolved in 2013. The area includes Murang’a, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Kiambu and Nyandarua Counties, and is traditionally the homeland of people of Kikuyu ethnicity. Due to its fertile land, geographical proximity to the capital, Nairobi and close integration with the country’s colonial administration prior to independence, the highlands are considered one of the more wealthy and productive areas of the country. This integration has afforded the communities of Central Kenya with opportunities for education, business and political prowess despite the various injustices of the colonial government.

Moreover, the Kikuyu people have a long and proud history of agriculture. The region is farmed intensively, with coffee, tea and dairy being the most important modern crops grown. The coffees in this particular lot are grown in the foothills of extinct volcano, Mt Kenya, an area defined by its bright red, nutrient-rich, volcanic soil, high elevations and cool climate, all of which contribute to the outstanding quality of coffees produced here.

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