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Guatemala El Valle - Maria's Coffee Espresso

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Guatemala El Valle - Maria&

Guatemala El Valle - Maria's Coffee Espresso

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Grind Wholebean
Size 250g

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Green Apple - Orange - Plum

Producer: Marlon Del Valle

Region: Unión Cantinil - Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1400 to 1800 masl
Varietal: Catuai and Pache
Process: Washed

Relationship Length: Two Years

Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Espresso Recipe: Available Here. 

Notes On our quest to find a great small farmer in Guatemala with the help of exporter, Stephany Davila, we met the wonderful Marlon Del Valle and his mother, María. They’ve been tending to their outstanding crops for over 25 years.

When the Del Valle family matriarch and legendary pillar of El Valle’s coffee production, María Eugenia passed on ownership of the farm to Marlon, his brother Rudelfi and family, a new generation of coffee farmers was born. María still works on the farm and we’ve named this lot in her honour.

Marlon’s commitment to the community and unique agronomic expertise make this coffee something special. While the Del Valle family used to sell cherries to the local market, Marlon and his brother had a dream of building stronger relationships and exporting their coffee internationally. With a lot of effort and great willingness to learn, Marlon Del Valle is now doing so for the very first time. Rumble purchased two lots from Marlon in 2019 and we’re looking forward to building this special relationship as it develops into 2020 and beyond. 
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