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Colombia Tierra Linda (Geisha) Filter

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Colombia Tierra Linda (Geisha) Filter | Rumble Coffee Roasters Kensington

Colombia Tierra Linda (Geisha) Filter

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Grind Whole Beans
Size 250g

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This is currently out of stock, and we look forward to having it again in the future - See our current range of limited run, single origin coffee currently available here

Papaya - Raspberry - Pineapple

Farmer: José Libardo Paya

Region: Tolima

Altitude: 1800 to 2000 masl

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Transparency Report: Available here

Notes: The all-heart producer of this beautiful coffee, Jose Libardo Paya, hails from humble beginnings. Raised in the small town of Planadas, Jose Libardo learned from a very young age to value the security offered by the production of great coffee.

While Finca Tierra Linda started out as an exercise to keep his family afloat, Jose Libardo soon fell deeply in love with the product they were creating together. He worked hard to save money until, about 20 years ago, Jose Libardo was able to purchase his very own plot of land. After years of preparation, coffee production finally began.

A focus on specialty coffee was a natural step to take for Jose Libardo and his family. He felt that by offering a better quality product, they could achieve better prices on the global market. Odilia, Jose Libardo’s wife, is his right-hand human. A collaborative and dedicated team, they help each other work hard to achieve Finca Tierra Linda’s main objective: produce amazing coffee for the world to experience. “I would like that the person who drinks my coffee knows that this coffee is produced by a dedicated family moved by the love and passion that we have for this product,” Jose Libardo says.

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