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Tech Tips: How to Calibrate the Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder

Tech Tips: How to Calibrate the Mahlkönig EK43 Grinder

The EK is our go-to grinder in the roastery and what we recommend to all customer as their second grinder. It is super versatile and can be used for grinding decaf, single-origin espresso, filter or batch brew and retail coffee.

We love it so much we designed our own custom EK Grinder Guide.

But the EK does need to be looked after and kept in top condition. Here's our video guide on how to recalibrate when it falls out.


  • allen key 
  • flathead screwdriver



1. When calibrating, what we're doing, is resetting the finest point on the grinder. What we want to do first is back off the grind about an 1/8th. This just means the burrs aren't touching when we finally turn it on and adjust. 

Look for two holes on the black dial. Loosen both of them with the allen key. These hold the dial to the axle. Once these are loose, the dial moves freely.

2. Turn the grinder on. Grab your flathead screwdriver and turn it in the direction of fining the grind. What we're doing here are listening for when the burrs are just touching. Do this part very slowly. When you hear the burrs touching, just back it off slightly.

3. Tighten the dial back up. Do this with the dial on the 1 setting. This means that when the grinder is at the 1 position, it is at it's finest possible setting.