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Peru Jose Vilmo Abad Filter

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Peru Jose Vilmo Abad Filter - Rumble Coffee

Peru Jose Vilmo Abad Filter

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Grind Whole Beans
Size 250g

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Lemonade - Apricot - Strawberry Jam

Producer: Jose Vilmo Abad
Region: Cajamarca
Altitude: 1700 MASL
Varietal: Bourbon, Mondo Novo, Catuai
Process: Washed
Relationship Length: First Year
Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Notes:  Spritzy lemonade, soft apricot and a mouthful of strawberry jam to finish.

Jose and his wife, Clarisa manage 3.5 hectares of coffee, shade-grown under native orange and guaba (ice cream bean) trees. Selectively hand-picked and fermented, here’s an operation that’s 100% heart, 100% speciality and on the journey to 100% organic.

Jose Vilmo has coffee running through his veins. Born and raised surrounded by coffee trees, he became obsessed with process and production from a very early age. Not long after, Jose vowed to one day become a producer of fine, specialty coffee. As a young man, he then purchased his first-ever piece of land. The rest, as they say, is (delicious) history.

In 2019, Jose learned about specialty coffee via the education and upskilling programs of Caravela. With the chance to receive better prices, gain access to different markets, and grow - economically - to improve his quality of life, Jose was more motivated than ever before to produce coffees of incredible quality.

“Since then, I’ve learned to trust in my coffee - in this product - and know that I can become better every day,” says Jose Vilmo. A community man at heart, Jose loves working the family farm with Clarissa and their sons.



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