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Papua New Guinea Kepai Espresso


Cherry - Milk Chocolate - Apricot

Working with our wonderful, local exporter here has been fantastic. After a visit in 2019, we discussed purchasing a special lot for which we wanted to pay a great deal more in order to help support Kepai farmers’ livelihoods. To date, we’ve enjoyed a four-year-long partnership with this exporter and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this very special example of PNG coffee.

Our work in PNG is a passionate area of growth for us at Rumble. While the country’s climate is wonderful and we’ve always believed that PNG offers some of the best-tasting coffee in the world, problems with infrastructure and assistance to farmers can make it hard to access great coffee. We’re on a mission to change the fact that most coffee is exported from PNG to big multinational companies at a very low price. 

Producer: Kepai Villagers

Region: Simbu - Kepai Kepai

Altitude: 1700 MASL

Varietal: Typica

Process: Washed

Relationship Length: 4 Years