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Guatemala Los Pinos Anaerobic Filter

Nectarine - Melon - Milk Chocolate

A perfectly balanced combination of creamy milk chocolate, sweet nectarine and ripe, juicy melon.

In 2013, Renardo Ovalle planted coffee in several plots that collectively he called Los Pinos. It’s a fitting name too: the farm, due to its impressive height above 2000 MASL, is home to a family of old, towering pines.

Anaerobically fermented for 48 hours, the cherry was then pulped and fermented in tanks for an additional 36. Processed with the most care, attention and skill imaginable, this is one special coffee that we’re sure you're going to love.

Producer: Renardo Ovalle

Region: Santa Barbara - Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1900 to 2250 MASL

Varietal: Caturra and Bourbon

Process: Washed Anaerobic

Relationship Length: 3 Years