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Ethiopia Halo Beriti Anaerobic Espresso

Wild Blackberry - Papaya - Plum

Producer:Halo Beriti Villagers

Region: Gedyo, Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 1800-2000 MASL

Varietal: 74158 and local Landrace

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Relationship Length: 1st Year

Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Notes:  Super fruity and wild.

This is the first Anaerobic coffee from Ethiopia we have managed to get our hands on. We are really excited to have this coffee. The Anaerobic process removes the oxygen from the fermentation barrels and allows build up of the fermentation gases created by the coffee to build a higher acidity level.

Collected from smallholders in the Halo Beriti Village. Only the top ripe coffee was sorted and then placed in airtight barrels. Any air is released by a one way at the top and then shut after 12 hours. The PH level is closely monitored until the desired level is achieved. The cherrys are then placed on raised drying beds under shade for a low and even dry. This whole process takes 3 weeks from picking.

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