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Ethiopia Bogale Turkey Natural Filter

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Ethiopia Bogale Turkey Natural Filter - Rumble Coffee

Ethiopia Bogale Turkey Natural Filter

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Rich Cocoa - Green Grape - Blackcurrant

Producer: Bogale Turkey

Region: Gedeb, Sidamo, Ethiopia

Altitude: 2000 MASL

Varietal: Heirloom Varieties

Process: Natural

Relationship Length: 1st year

Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Notes:  Intense cocoa sweetness with a balanced, berry juiciness and lovely green grape.

It’s not often we can source coffee from a single farm in Ethiopia. But when we do, it’s ridiculously good. Grown on a 13ha farm owned and run by Bogale Turkey, this natural Ethiopian is a dream.

Most coffee in Ethiopia is produced by families in their personal home gardens and harvested alongside beautiful vegetables and grains. It’s for this reason that sourcing from a single farm - Banko Calcale, in this case - is a rare occurrence. 

It’s not only these circumstances that make Bogale’s coffee special, however. Grown at just over 2000 MASL, the coffee here ripens slowly, increasing sweetness and complexity. The farm, although not certified, is well-known for using organic practices - a lovely little addition to this wonderful coffee’s profile.

Bogale is part of the Lalissa Project, an program that increases smallholders’ access to the specialty coffee market via support, education and resources.


To learn more about Transparency in coffee pricing and why it's so important, check out our Transparency Project.



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