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Ethiopia Dikitu Village Natural Espresso


Mulberry - Jasmine - Bush Honey

Producer:350 Local Villagers

Region: Dimtu, Sidamo

Altitude: 1800 - 2200 MASL

Varietal: Heirloom Varieties

Process: Natural

Relationship Length: 1st year

Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Notes:  Balanced and full-bodied with a wild honey sweetness and floral and fruity finish.

This beautiful natural process coffee is collected from around 350 locals in the Dikitu Village area. The washing station is owned and run by husband-and-wife team Gizaw Alemayehu and Frehiwot Mekonnen, a testament to their amazing skills in community-building.

Born into a farming family and fascinated by the end-to-end process of coffee production, Gizaw decided to focus on processing coffee rather than growing it. These days, Gizaw and Frehiwot embed in the process an exciting community-minded element,  offering producers - new and seasoned alike - the opportunity to learn how to grow and harvest the best coffee they can.

The result of their hard work? Premiums paid to farmers have improved through the roof. What’s more, Gizaw and Frehiwot have managed to build a new local school and supply books and other learning tools to over 700 students. Incredible.


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