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Colombia Victor Herrera Filter

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Green Apple - Quince Jam-  Mandarin

Farmer: Victor Herrera

Region: Oporapa, Huila

Altitude: 1700 to 1900 masl

Varietal: Tabi

Process: Dry Ferment then Washed

Transparency Report: Available here

Notes: This outstanding dry fermented coffee is produced by Victor Herrera of El Tesoro. In our fourth year purchasing from Victor’s operation located in Oporapa, Huila, we continue to be impressed by this coffee’s quality, processing and unique characteristics.

Like most smallholder farms in Colombia, Victor produces parchment coffee, a product defined by the process in which picked cherries undergo fermentation and are then pulped and dried - in this case, for 12 days to around 12% moisture.

The variety of crop, Tabi, is a leaf rust-resistant variety that combines Timor Hybrid, Typica and Bourbon. According to Victor, the coffee pickers in his municipality prefer Tabi given the ample space between branches and cherry nodes!