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Colombia Deiro Garcia Filter


Peach Iced Tea - Clover Honey - Mandarin

Producer: Deiro Garcia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Altitude: 1600 MASL
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Relationship Length: First Year
Transparency Report: Available Here. 
Notes:  Super-sweet and juicy with a mandarin acidity and soft clover honey to finish.

100% shade-grown under natives and legume trees, Derio maintains 13 hectares of land to farm 8 hectares of coffee. How’s the rest of the land used? Incredibly, it’s left as native forest to encourage the thriving of local flora and fauna.

Coffee has always been part of Deiro’s life, family and tradition. As far back as he can remember, the young Deiro loved helping his father in managing all of the farm’s operational activities. With the passing of years and by watching his parents’ work intently, Deiro learned to produce incredible coffee in all its amazing detail. Of course, it wasn’t long before he forged his own family business.

Along his journey of becoming a fully-fledged coffee producer, Deiro started appreciating - and truly loving - every single step in the process. A lover of constant improvement, it was more than 20 years ago that Deiro started focusing on revolutionising his production process, adjusting it to produce a coffee with superior quality and aggregated value. Exploring longer, slower drying processes and fermentation times, Deiro has been able to better understand his product and the factors that make it special. Now, he even supports some of his neighbours to gain knowledge in his areas of specialty!