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Brazil Sitio Canaã Natural Espresso


Bush Honey - Mandarin - Pecan Pie

Big-bodied and bold with a juicy mouthfeel and a sweet, syrupy finish

Hailing from the Sitio Canaã farm (which translates to “The Promised Land” in Portuguese), this micro-lot was grown by a legend-in-the-making, KleumonSilva Moreira: 35 years young and mentored by one of the true coffee greats,Antônio Rigno.

Producer: Kleumon Silva Moreira

Farm: Sitio Canaã

Region: Piatã - Chapada Diamantina

Altitude: 1170 MASL

Varietal: Arara, Acauã and Topázio

Process: Natural

Relationship Length: 4th Year

Transparency Report:Available Here