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Brazil Sitio Canaã Natural Espresso

Milk Chocolate - Cola - Macadamia

Producer: Kleumon Silva Moreira

Region: Piata

Altitude: 1280-1340 MASL
Varietal: Arara
Process: Pulped Natural

Relationship Length: Three Years

Transparency Report: Available Here. 

Notes:  Rich milk chocolate with smooth macadamia and a sweet, cola-like acidity.

This very special 900kg Arara variety micro-lot comes from Sitio Canaã (“The Promised Land”), owned and managed by 28 year-old, Kleumon Silva Moreira. This small farm lies outside of Piatã in Bahia’s Chapada Diamantina region.

Chapada Diamantina (Portuguese) translates to “Diamond Plateau” in English. It comes as no surprise, then, that for 100 years this area was mined for the gemstones embedded in its cliffs. Today, the region has swapped gems for its newfound specialty coffee fame.

While Kleumon Silva Moreira is still young, he’s been working in coffee for over a decade - usually alongside Antônio Rigno (of São Judas Tadeau). Antônio is widely regarded as the best producer in the region, famous for his commitment to quality. A huge variety of the world’s top accolades have been awarded to Antônio for his coffees - in particular, as part of the Cup of Excellence competition. He’s provided advice and mentorship for many producers in this area of Brazil, covering everything from coffee processing to how to plant and care for crops.


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