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Brazil Santo Antonio


Honey - Yellow Plum - Dark Chocolate

Producer: Pedro Gabarra Teixeira

Region: Campos das Vertentes

Altitude: 1140masl

Varietal: Red Mundo Novo

Process: Pulped Natural

Relationship Length:Four Years

Transparency Report: Available here

Notes: Smooth and sweet dark chocolate with yellow plum acidity and a lingering honey aftertaste.

Pedro Teixeira, son of João Newton, is of his family’s fifth generation of coffee growers. One of our longest-serving partners, Pedro maintains a proud focus on quality and sustainability, priorities that show with every coffee we receive. Like many Brazilian farms, Santo Antonio is run by its producers. It’s not uncommon to find Pedro himself picking cherries during harvest.

Santo Antonio farm is a great example of how producers can take advantage of technology and modern techniques while preserving the environment and the cultural history of the land. Besides maintaining 20% of the surrounding environment as legal reserve, another 28% is undergoing reforestation, totalling nearly 50% of natural forest around the farms. Such incredible, community-minded practices contribute a huge amount to the training and skills development of those local to these most remote areas of Brazilian countryside.

Maintaining an ever-progressive focus on keeping practices sustainable, local and sensitive to the environment around them, Pedro and his family have also built a large shelter for birds that are hurt or being held in captivity. We can’t wait to follow the developments of this amazing family.