Our Public Cupping Returns

After taking a summer break our public cupping returns this week. Kicking off this Friday, February 2nd at 3 PM we will continue our tradition of tasting the best coffees we can get our hands on.


Public Cupping at Rumble Coffee Roasters

Cupping is how we evaluate and assess coffee before we buy it and also as a diagnostic tool to check on our own roasting. We look at different aspects of the coffee from aroma and sweetness through body and overall flavour. Much like wine tasting, this is an exceptional way to train your palate and learn more about what flavours are in your cup of coffee.

One of our Roasters will run through a table of six or eight coffees from around the world. We cup the latest samples available so the countries represented change throughout the year.

Entry is by gold coin donation with all proceeds going to Grounds For Health. This fantastic organisation works toward reducing cervical cancer in women in developing countries. Founded by the owner of an American coffee company they began among the coffee growers of Oaxaca, Mexico and now run programs throughout South America and Africa.