Running a cafe can be a hard gig, with so many things to juggle. Keeping customers happy, making sure your business is doing well, managing various wholesale partners, and making sure you're producing consistently good coffee. One of the things you don't need to be stressing about, is your equipment breaking down. That's why we recommend investing in the best equipment on the market, and pairing it with great quality coffee.

Partnering with us as your wholesale coffee supplier means getting access to great coffee machines at even greater prices. We’ve done all the hard work for you, utilising our industry experience and expertise to select espresso machines and coffee grinders which are reliable and built to last so that you too, can be part of Melbourne's thriving specialty coffee industry. And as a wholesale coffee supplier, we strive to offer the best wholesale service around, which is why our experienced team also offer equipment maintenance, to ensure your equipment will stand the test of time.

So whether you're a new cafe, a professional barista, or a home barista, these are the best coffee machines and coffee grinders to help you make the perfect coffee, and have the best experience possible.

Here's the gear we supply and love.