Wholesale Equipment

Partnering with us means getting access to great equipment at even greater prices. We’ve done all the hard work for you, selecting equipment that’s top quality, reliable and built to last so that we can work together with ease towards your long-term business success.

Of course, all of the equipment we supply includes that awesome Rumble value-add: installation, training and regular servicing with every piece. Plus, our friendly Director, Stan (Training, Dispatch and Tech Support) is a quick call away if you’re ever in need of a helping hand.

Here’s the gear we supply and love!

Coffee Machines: 

La Marzocco

Handmade by artisans in Italy, handled by artisans in Australia.  La Marzocco  espresso machines are trusted by the world's finest coffee roasters, cafes, and restaurants for their matchless reliability, durability and timeless aesthetic.

These wonders of modern technology are so good that they’re the only machines we’ll use with Rumble coffee. Give one a try and you’ll soon see why:  La Marzocco ensures you quality, consistency and superior taste in every cup which we’re proud to pair with our deeply specialised Rumble knowledge and training. The perfect match.



The beauty of  Mahlkonig  is in every striking detail. Manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, these grinders combine beautiful German workmanship with innovative mechanical technology and are inspired by the highest demands of the international specialty coffee community.

Grinder Dosers: 


Mazzergrinders are engineered to perfection ensuring exceptional grind quality with every dose. With durability and reliability as central considerations for the production of each unit,Mazzer  pairs the most contemporary technology and innovation with a quality assurance guarantee, meaning you can rest (and sip) easy while your staff and customers enjoy the difference.

We also have available a range of books, brew gear and great merch. Check it out here.


Looking for a hire?

Please note that we don’t offer rental schemes. Why? Because we believe that there are so many benefits to being in charge of your own (cafe-related) destiny. Let us convince you.