Moccamaster Thermal

Brew your own batch brew coffee from the comfort of your home with the Moccamaster Thermal coffee machine. The technivorm Moccamaster with its 1.25L metal carafe, and efficient brewing time, is one of the best drip coffee makers on the market.

This filter coffee maker keeps your coffee warm after making it, without requiring a hotplate, and this brewer features a 9 hole spray head which saturates the coffee grounds consistently, resulting in perfectly balanced, delicious coffee.

  • 1.25L capacity
  • 5-6 minute brew time
  • Auto-off to the boiling element when water reservoir is empty
  • Approved and certified by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC for the brewer’s excellent brew and build quality.
  • Comes with 100 pack of compatible filter papers
  • Dimensions: W-D-H (mm): 320 x 180 x 385