Single Origin Filter Twin Pack


Embark on a filter coffee journey with a Rumble Coffee Roasters' Filter Twin Pack! This delightful duo of our specially selected single-origin coffee beans is perfect for coffee lovers seeking the best filter coffee experience.

Our Filter Twin Pack features two deliciously different filter coffees, selected and expertly roasted by our team of roasters, to bring out the best flavours in each coffee. Achieve filter coffee perfection by pairing our specialty coffee with our easy-to-follow filter method coffee brewing guides, to help you achieve the perfect cup every time.

Filter twin packs can be purchased as coffee beans or as ground coffee, for a variety of filter methods, such as batch brew, pour over, aeropress or french press.

  • Includes 1 bag of each coffee, in your selected size and grind
  • Sourcing information available for each coffee
  • Find our recipe for these coffees at @rumblerecipes
  • Choose from wholebeans or ground coffee beans