Stainless Steel Plunger/French Press - 800ml

The Modena Twin Wall Plunger from Avanti is perfect for brewing great plunger coffee.

Made from high-quality stainless steel and will keep your coffee warm with its nifty twin-wall heat-retentive design.

The fine-mesh filter will keep any coffee particles out of your brew while still allowing fantastic coffee extraction.

An easy pour, drip-free spout keeps your bench clean and your coffee in your cup.

Dishwasher safe and stylish with a mirror finish it looks great in any kitchen.

The best thing is it won't break! Never be without coffee again.

For brewing tips, check our French press/plunger brew guide and video.

Don't dismiss the quality of coffee a French Press can produce. By following a good recipe (like ours) and using delicious, fresh-roasted coffee (also like ours) you can brew a large amount of tasty coffee with minimal fuss.

Pair with any of our filter roasts, single origins or even espresso blends. The Plunger brews them all!