Acaia Pearl Scale 2022

The Acaia Pearl 2022 Scale in Pitch Black, is a sleek and responsive scale designed to make brewing coffee that much easier. With 5 different brewing modes, embedded stopwatch, this scale now has real-time feedback, which is useful for pour-overs.

The Acaia Pearl scales are a state-of-the-art coffee brewing tool designed for precision and accuracy. Equipped with high-precision strain gauge sensors and a fast response time, these scales allow for precise measurement of coffee beans, water, and brewing time.

The Pearl scales are highly resistant to water and coffee stains. The sleek design is modern and stylish, making it a great addition to any coffee lover's kitchen.

The scales are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for easy integration with the Acaia app. The app provides a range of brewing guides, recipes, and brewing logs, allowing for an immersive coffee brewing experience.

This new model is faster and more responsive and offers USB-C charging.

With a clean, minimalist design and advanced features, the Acaia Pearl scales are a must-have for any serious coffee enthusiast.