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Midnight Marauder Espresso Blend

Midnight Marauder Espresso Blend

Midnight Marauder Espresso Blend

Midnight Marauder is our brand new espresso blend! 

If you go for a dark roast when choosing your favourite espresso blends, let us introduce you to Midnight Marauder; a true specialty coffee for coffee drinkers who love a heavy body, low acidity, and rich notes of dark chocolate. This espresso roast is perfect for all espresso brewing methods, especially for those who enjoy milk-based coffees.

This two bean espresso blend is comprised of two delicious specialty coffee beans, resulting in a rich, dark, and syrupy flavour profile, of chocolate brownie, hazelnut, and toffee fudge.








Brazil Santo Antonio






Colombia Ubaque







Brazil Santo Antonio

Full-bodied and sweet: like a chocolate, caramel, raspberry and red apple bake!

Pedro Teixeira, the son of João Newton, is of his family’s fifth generation of coffee growers. As one of our longest-serving partners, Pedro maintains a proud focus on premium coffee production, as well as sustainability.

In 2019, Pedro received the award for Brazil’s Most Sustainable Farm (Globo Rural magazine). Pedro and his operation also received carbon positive status in 2021 after a year-long assessment of farm practices. 

Growing conditions in the Campos das Vertentes region, where the Santo Antonio farm is located, are ideal due to the consistent rainfall and temperature.

Maintaining an ever-progressive focus on keeping their approach to farming sustainable, local and sensitive to the environment around them, Pedro and his family have also built a large shelter for hurt or trafficked birds. Called Wings, this special program has been so successful that the team has recently added a second shelter to the mix. 

Colombia Ubaque

High in the hills of Cundinamarca, the municipality of Ubaque boasts a climate of rich biodiversity. The town is named for the red sap of a local bush called ‘ybaquye’, meaning ‘blood of wood’. The coffee comes from the UBACAFE Association, a group of 43 farmers who call this area home.

The high alititude and optimal growing conditions result in a perfect cup, with a sweet citrus acidity, and heavy body,

Ubaque is 50km east of Bogotá and home to the indigenous Muisca people. We've been buying this coffee for a number of years now, and we’re excited to keep using it for many years to come.