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Rumble Takes the Pledge

Rumble Takes the Pledge


The Pledge BannerRumble Head Roaster/Green Buyer Matt Hampton explains our latest efforts in Transparency

Rumble is pleased to announce that we have signed the Pledge.

The Pledge was born from the first Transparency colloquium I attended in 2018. It is about creating a common code for the way we talk about the price we paid for coffee. This is a commitment to display the prices paid using the same model the world over.

We already state the F.O.B price paid on the bags and on the website. We also published our first transparency report in April. The only real change here is to display in US Dollars per pound. In the table below you can see the coffees we have contracted this year and the F.O.B price we paid.

The commitment is:

  • We will create transparency data that is publicly available and easily accessible;

  • state the producer/producer organization the coffee was purchased from;

  • state the Free On Board (FOB) price paid for the coffee;

  • indicate the quality of the coffee, for instance by using the SCA score in order to indicate cup quality;

  • state the lot size (volume) of the coffee purchased;

  • state the length of the relationship between producer/producer organization and buyer;

  • state the percentage of transparent coffees in relation to the total volume of coffee (in lbs/tonnes) sold in the stated year.

Green Coffee in the Rumble Coffee Green Room

Rumble is 100% transparent with our pricing. This gives us a common platform to display this information. Over the last few years roasters have started sharing their data but it gets confusing when we are giving different amounts of data or in different currencies etc.

By becoming a member of the Pledge and our ongoing work as a data donor for Transparent Trade we are part of a worldwide movement of roasters, Importers, exporters and Producers who are fighting the good cause. Ensuring Specialty Coffee has a future. 

This is the link to the coffees we have bought so far this year.