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Preparing for a coronavirus lockdown at home

Preparing for a coronavirus lockdown at home

So what happens if you get quarantined due to the coronavirus? Or the government advises all of us we need to spend a couple of weeks at home to stop the spread?

There are a lot of great, reputable sources regarding this topic including  DHS.VIC, and  Health.Gov

And while we are definitely staying informed at HQ, a big topic of conversation has been what we would eat, drink and watch if it happens. 

So we thought we’d share it - A specially curated "how to prep for a lockdown" list from the Rumble team! 


Coffee: Essential. If you are not allowed at your favourite cafe we think the closest you can get at home is the sweet combo of a  Porlex Mini Grinder and  Aeropress Pair them with a  Rumble Filter Roast (of course 😜) and you are set. We plan to keep roasting and delivering coffee for you all until the courier company says they won’t pick it up anymore. 

Booze: Right? Cupboard space is going to be tight. Gin and Whisky are must-haves for lockdowns (and always), and if we are clever with - cans vs bottles - of beer and RTDs we can stack them up and avoid the necessity for too many mixers on hand. For wine, obviously, it will depend on what we are eating (see below) so our plan is to use  The Local Drop  and get them delivered. 



Of course, we have our pantry staples, but we are also taking this opportunity to indulge in some pantry guilty pleasures we are not normally allowed. . . 

  • Kraft Mac and Cheese - a staple throughout childhood and uni 
  • Frozen dumplings and lao gan ma chilli paste - we’re not sure how many meals in a row this would be good for, but we are willing to try 
  • Sole mare sardines and pinto beans - fancy. Our date night pic 
  • Sirena Chilli Tuna and rice - you can’t fight a classic 
  • Havarti and A10 tins of Italian tomatoes - A delicious cheese and A10 tins are 2.9kgs so that is efficient tomato buying 
  • Mug Cake - dessert in a cup, the best, but don’t tell anyone we told you  


Poor taste? Perhaps. But here is our ‘outbreak’ themed top picks 

  • 12 Monkeys 
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Contagion 
  • World War Z 
  • 28 Days Later


- - - - -

We've had fun compiling this, but we understand coronavirus is a serious issue affecting our community, cafes and country. Stay informed with reputable news sources and government websites, and do what you can to minimise risks to yourself and others.  

If you suspect anyone you know may have the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398 or the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.