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Natsumi introduces Kenya Gakuyu-ini, our latest filter coffee.

Natsumi introduces Kenya Gakuyu-ini, our latest filter coffee.

Natsumi standing in front of Rumble Coffee van, with bag of Kenya Gakuyu-ini single origin in one hand, and a carafe of filter coffee in the other.

We are so excited to launch our latest single origin coffee, Kenya Gakuyu-ini. Our rotating single origin menu always aims to showcase the best in specialty coffee, and take you on a flavour-filled coffee experience around the coffee world.
Rumble espresso bar manager, Natsumi, shares her thoughts on this washed filter coffee, and the journey it took to get here below.

Thirikwa is one of the rare coffee cooperatives in Kenya operating only one factory. Because of its excellent standards, in accepting only the highest quality coffee, the cooperative has been able to produce excellent specialty coffee, and pay great prices to its members over its 25+ year lifespan.

This station opened in 1997 and the factory manager has been working there for 20 years now. During the peak of the season, around 3,700 coffee farmers annually deliver their coffee cherries to this factory for processing.

The wet mill Gakuyu-ini is about 130 kilometres from Nairobi City and is represented by five elected management committee members. Thirikwa has two collection centres for coffee cherries. The growers that don’t or cannot reach the washing station on foot can bring their cherries to these centres. It’s these specialist and flexible conditions that allow Thirikwa to have a high coffee output.

This particular coffee is hand-sorted and floated before being pulped. This ensures only the best quality beans are processed. The farmers start delivering at around 11am and the pulper is activated at around 3pm each day. The parchment coffee is then fermented overnight, before being washed and graded.

This single origin, Gakuyu-ini, we've roasted for filter to highlight it's unique flavour and floral aromas. You can expect a delicate and clean flavour profile, and a unique taste with notes of rose, red apple, and peach tea.

We paid 145% higher than the fair trade minimum for this coffee.

At Rumble, we're firm believers in paying fair prices to the producers of our coffees. As with all the coffees Rumble Coffee produces, we always aim to be fully transparent about both sourcing, and pricing. So whether it's a specialty filter coffee, such as a geisha, or its one of our coffee blends, we publish the price we pay to growers.












For Kenya Gakuyu-ini, we paid $18.35 AUD per kilo. This is the FOB (Free On Board) price: the price paid to the exporter before shipping, and which does not include shipping costs, weight loss (around 17%), storage and other charges. Ultimately, the FOB price represents the $ figure that stays in the coffee's country of origin, benefiting its producer, community, and coffee growing region.


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