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How to recycle our coffee bags

How to recycle our coffee bags

Worried about your waste? Us too.

That's why our coffee bags are easily recyclable. Drinking better coffee doesn't stop at the cup.

Recyclable in the closed-loop soft plastics recycling scheme they are are helping us lower our impacts, and they are helping you to do the same.




  • REDCYCLE - Soft plastics, like our bags, can be recycled with the  REDcycle program.  REDcycle disposal units are located at the front of Coles and Woolworths stores nationally. You can find your nearest drop off points  HERE
  • BEFORE YOU DROP IT OFF - please ensure you peel the label and remove the valve. These can just be popped in your general rubbish. 



Crazy to think, but a majority of the coffee bags available on the market - including the ones we were previously using - can’t be recycled. It is the little parts you don’t think of - aluminium seams and seals, the valves etc, that prevent them from being disposed easily with common recycling. 

As a business, we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our impacts. We have reusable tubs for wholesales coffee deliveries, we donate our chaf and grounds for local gardens, and we have recently purchased a new Loring roaster which will produce 83% less CO2  than a traditional roaster/ afterburner setup. Our bags seemed an obvious area for improvement. 

After investigating many options for bags, we found a company called  Eco Barista, an Australian owned business who specialise in eco-friendly coffee products. Like us, their business is on a mission to build a more sustainable future for the coffee industry. 

What we liked about Eco Barista, aside from their ethos, was the quality of their bags. Aside from being recyclable and looking the part, they are also designed with coffee quality in mind resealable and designed to keep your coffee fresher for longer. 

We hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do! 


Need Coffee?

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