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How should I store my coffee beans?

How should I store my coffee beans?

Everyone has been there. We wake up, ready to make a great cup of coffee. We start the process - Boil the kettle, fire up the espresso machine, whatever steps you take to brew your precious cup of coffee. You're keen and ready for a delicious brew.
And then, the coffee just doesn't quite hit right. Your coffee beans were stale.

The smell, the taste, and the joy of that first sip are drastically affected by one critical factor: freshness. Coffee freshness is something we talk a lot about at Rumble, and that's because the freshness of your coffee beans, makes an enormous difference to how the coffee tastes. And there are a few simple things we can do to ensure our coffee beans stay fresh for a longer period of time.


the best coffee storage container - the airscape


Coffee freshness affects flavour, and no one wants stale coffee. But contrary to popular belief, the freshest beans don't always equate to the best coffee. That's because after roasting, coffee beans undergo a degassing process, where they release carbon dioxide. This can take a couple of days, and this process is important in allowing the coffee to fully develop its flavour. If you use coffee which has just been roasted, it can actually be too fresh and might taste overly bright or sour.



There's a few factors which can affect coffee freshness. The way you purchase your coffee (as ground coffee or as whole beans), the time that's passed since the roast date, and the way you store your beans.



If you purchase pre-ground coffee, your coffee will not stay fresh at all. When you grind coffee beans, you increase the coffee's surface area, which also drastically increases the coffee's exposure to oxygen. This oxidisation process makes your coffee become stale. Hands down, the best way to improve the taste of your coffee is to grind your coffee beans fresh, every time you make a coffee.



The way you store your coffee beans also has a tremendous impact on coffee freshness. If incorrectly stored, your beans can quickly lose flavour, because of the exposure to air. Whilst coffee bags are a common storage option for coffee beans, they are not the best for ensuring that your coffee beans will stand the test of time. Coffee bags are typically made from paper or plastic, and whilst they do protect your coffee in some small ways, the porosity of coffee bags still results in exposure to oxygen.

Pouring coffee beans into a coffee storage canister 


There are two options in terms of coffee storage. There are airtight storage containers (your typical tupperware type of thing), and specialised coffee canisters that are not simply airtight, but also remove the oxygen from them. The best coffee storage containers are the ones that evacuate the air from them, as this allows your coffee beans to last for as long as possible. However, they're also more of an investment.


    Storing your coffee in an airtight container allows you to preserve the freshness of your beans for a longer period. This minimises (but doesn't eradicate) the oxygen that comes into contact with your coffee beans.


      There are also a variety of coffee storage canisters on the market, which evacuate air from them enabling you to keep your coffee fresher for even longer. These are the best way to store your roasted coffee, as these coffee containers has been specifically designed for coffee storage. These containers also help you get the best value from your coffee, as they enable you to purchase larger quantities of beans, without the concern that they'll go stale before you can use them!


      The Airscape is one such coffee storage container, and it's the best airtight coffee container available. Rather than simply being airtight, this container utilises a two-way valve to remove air from the container, creating a vacuum seal, which minimises the oxygen in contact with the beans. Its double lid design provides an extra layer of security, and its stainless steel body and sleek matte exterior, means it looks great on the kitchen bench, or alongside your coffee machine. The Airscape comes in two different sizes: the Airscape Medium, and the Airscape Kilo.