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How to keep your Coffee machine functioning its' best.

How to keep your Coffee machine functioning its' best.

Coffee lovers will know that there's a lot involved in a cup of the good stuff. It starts with exceptional coffee beans, sourced ethically, and roasted to perfection, and the process continues in the specialty coffee cafes that Melbourne's coffee scene is renowned for. The beautiful fit-out, the baristas who know and perfect their craft, and the customers who appreciate delicious coffee, whether it's a funky filter coffee, or a new single origin espresso. 

Brewtech service centre and La Marzocco Linea Machine
But cafe owners know that the best coffee, the most passion-filled barista, and the most stunning cafe in Melbourne can't do much, if the coffee machine stops working mid service - And even the best coffee machines have their moments. It's a stressful moment, during a morning rush, or in your busy cafe, when something starts leaking, or the machine loses pressure in the middle of the brewing process! 

That's why regular servicing and maintenance of your espresso machine, and coffee grinders, is crucial to consistently providing cafe customers with the best experience possible. Coffee machine repairs, servicing, and consistent maintenance is what allows your cafe or business to continue to operate as smoothly as possible. The daily cleaning of your coffee machine and grinders can be undertaken by baristas, but for the more technical side of machine maintenance, it's best to engage the services of professional machine technicians.


Grinder being serviced by Brewtech coffee machine technician.

For all our coffee machine or coffee grinder repairs or services, we use the very talented technicians at the best in the business, Brewtech. Based around the corner from us in Kensington, Brewtech are the licensed technicians for La Marzocco and have kept our machines humming ever since we started.

The team, put together by Brewtech founder Craig, are an excellent crew of people experienced in both the wholesale and customer-facing side of hospitality, and this shows in the support they're able to provide us here at Rumble, and our cafes.

Even prior to starting Rumble, Matt and Joe have always engaged the services of Brewtech. Brewtech have recently become the licensed importers for Mahlkönig and now look after our favourite coffee grinders as well as our top recommendation for coffee machinery - La Marzocco. Brewtech are coffee professionals, and right across the country, they're the team that keep the coffee industry running, and our specialty coffee equipment operating as it should. 



Brewtech technician repairing Linea Coffee Machine
We often hear this question - how often should I service my machine? This really depends on how much you're using it, and the volume your cafe does, but we recommend every 3-6 months. 
We run a maintenance program with Brewtech for our wholesale customers. Their skilled technicians visit your cafe every 3-6 months, depending on your coffee volume. A regular coffee machine service keeps your coffee equipment in peak form, and allows your coffee, and customer service to shine as it should. 



During a coffee machine service, the Brewtech technicians will change your water filters, replace your shower screens, seals and rebuild steam wands, as well as a general look at any issues. These visits not only help to avoid machinery issues, but they also help your baristas better understand the machines they're using everyday. The Brewtech technicians know their stuff, and do an amazing job of sharing this wealth of knowledge with baristas, and answer any tech questions that they might have. Maintenance and education such as this, prevents machinery breakdowns. But if trouble does strike, the Brewtech staff are also available for emergency call-outs.