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5 Ways to Support Your Local Cafe this Lockdown

5 Ways to Support Your Local Cafe this Lockdown

It's fair to say that all the lockdowns lately have had quite a profound impact on the bustling hospitality scene that we're used to in Melbourne. And the longer they last, the worse it gets.

On the flip side, we've also seen over the past year, how the people in this wonderful city, can be so incredibly generous. We've seen communities band together to support those hit particularly hard, and we reckon that once again, it's up to us, to show our support to the small businesses in our midst. 

But with a pause on weekend brunch dates, and a limit on how far you can travel from your home, it's difficult to even know how to show your support to your favourite cafes. 

So here's five small ways that you can make a big difference to your local.


1. Be Nice.

This one's an easy one, and won't cost you a thing.

The reality is, everyone's struggling at the moment. And the days in hospitality are so much slower. The hours drag on, and instead of the bustling and vibrant pace that baristas and cafe owners are used to, everything just starts to get a bit monotonous. 
So in that context, a little bit of warmth and kindness, goes a long way.
If your coffee is taking a while, be patient. Cafe owners are juggling adequate staffing, and minimal income at the moment.
If the barista doesn't seem particularly riveted by your political opinions or thoughts on Dan Andrews, keep them to yourself. 
Just be kind. Check in with the folks who make your coffee, respect the extra measures they're taking to keep us all safe, and thank them for being open.

2. Buy a coffee, and let people know.

An obvious way to keep supporting your local, is to keep buying takeaway coffees throughout the lockdowns.

And when you do, let people know about your favourite cafe! Everyone loves finding a good brew that's within their radius, so snap a photo, and share it on social media. Make sure to tag the cafe you bought it from, so more people can discover a new local cafe!



3. Ditch the instant, buy a bag of beans. 

You've been busy at home, working, when you realise that you're ready for your second coffee of the day (or fifth, we won't judge). You check the time, ready to duck out and pick up a flat white at the cafe around the corner. It's 3:03. The cafe closed at 3. You open the pantry, and pull out the jar of international roast.

...and throw it in the bin. Right where it belongs.

See, you've actually prepared for this moment. Because you bought yourself a bag of beans. 

Most cafes sell retail bags of coffee, so you can make a good coffee at home. And most of the time, they're able to grind it for you. It's the perfect way to be drinking great coffee, no matter what time it is, and it's also an excellent way of supporting your local. 


4. Interact on social media.

This is another one, that won't cost you a cent.

Social media is a massive part of running a business, and the more you like, comment and share what the businesses you follow are posting, the more they can expand their customer base, and grow their social media following. 

It's also just really encouraging. And we all know how important it is to be spreading a bit of love, especially in our current context. 

Comment on their photo, let them know how much you loved your coffee this morning. If you can't make it in, let them know that you're thinking of them, and will be ready to support them as soon as restrictions ease. 


5. Look for lunch.

When you're getting your morning takeaway, look to see what lunch options are available. 

If you have the capacity to do so, now is the best time to be increasing your spend at cafes. Treat yourself to a pastry, buy lunch out, or get that breakfast burger that you can't stop thinking about.


These 5 small things can really make a difference. This industry is such an important part of life in Melbourne, so we encourage you to do what you can, to help cafes survive these lockdowns.

Take care, drink good coffee, and stay safe.