What I Know About Running Coffee Shops

We spend much of our time at the Roastery talking about how to run cafes. Sadly for us, it’s not just about the coffee. In fact, coffee is a way down the list. Things like service, speed and cleanliness are all more important. In our coffee-obsessed world, these fundamentals often get neglected in favour of things like TDS, roast profile and exotic coffee varietals. While these are important to us they aren’t to the customer. They want a smile and fast service and a clean and tidy cafe. These make the coffee taste far better than any minor improvement in extraction percentage can. What I Know About Running Coffee Shops covers all areas from the building to the culture to the numbers.

What I know about running coffee shops


Colin Harmon is an Irish Barista champ who owns four cafes and a roastery. He’s written the first book worth reading on running a cafe. It’s funny and smart and might save you some heartbreak.

We now give What I Know About Running Coffee Shops to all our new wholesale customers. If you want to open a cafe, then you must read this book. Pick up a copy from our website or from the Roastery.