Street Fighter

Street Fighter Espresso Blend

A sweet one-two punch of Colombia and Ethiopia, Street Fighter provides a blitz of flavour whether white or black. The no holds barred fruit power of the natural Ethiopian cuts through milk and the smooth Colombian provides body and flavour.

Bag of Street Fighter Espresso Blend Coffee

Colombia Ubaque

We’ve bought coffee from Ubaque, Colombia for the last three years and our head roaster Matt visited in 2018. Forty-three local farmers form a non-profit collective and export their coffee through our friends at Cofi-net. The group has a collection office in town and all their children are trained in how to grade coffee.

Hilda has spent the last seven years managing her family farm, increasing the quality while planting 2,000 new trees in the last two years.

Coffee grower Hilda in her drying room in Ubaque

Ethiopia ADOLA

Adola is the name of the washing station that provides the natural process Ethiopian that gives Street Fighter it's punch. Local families in the region bring their coffee into the station for processing. The owner of the mill, Israel Degefa pays his workers more than double the minimum wage and donates 10% of profits back into the local community.

Sun shining on coffee at Adola Washing Station

Transparency Information

Average FOB* Price: $8.95 AUD per kilo

Market Price (at time of purchase): $3.23 per kilo

Fair Trade Minimum (at time of purchase): $4.30 per kilo

*FOB stands for Free On Board and is the price paid at origin

To learn more about pricing transparency and why we think it is so important read about our Transparency Project.