Shadow Boxer

Shadow Boxer

Shadow Boxer is our old school knock-out of a blend. We blend the finest coffee from Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala to create this fan-favourite. Rich toffee and sweet raspberry lead into a lingering chocolate finish.

We believe that the way forward as an industry is to talk about what we pay for our coffee. That’s what we mean we talk about transparency. For a closer look at our Transparency Project read more here.

Stan Delivering Tins to Brick Lane

Blending Coffee

An espresso blend is a mix of two or more coffees blended together to create a coffee that works well with milk. Most milk based coffees you drink will be blends. We look for coffees that will work well when added to milk and complement each other. Shadow Boxer is always a big-bodied coffee with a chocolate finish.

Brazil Santo Antonio

Pedro Gabarra grows our Brazil Santo Antonio in the Campos Das Vertentes region. This coffee brings the huge chocolate burst that makes Shadow the People’s Champ.

We pay $5.62 F.O.B. AUD per kilo (for more info on the terms we use, like F.O.B, go here)

Papua New Guinea Simbu

Our Papua New Guinea Simbu grows high in the Highlands region by Kongo Coffee Limited. This export company is indigenous owned and committed to paying the highest possible price to the growers. 

We pay $4.65 F.O.B. per kilo

Guatemala Finca La Esmeralda

We’ve been buying this coffee for three years. Matt was first coffee roaster to visit this farm in the Sierra Las Minas mountains. This made the owner, Jesús Ramírez quite emotional. Jesús is a big part of his local community and helps feed malnourished children and provides dental and medical care.

We pay $6.92 F.O.B. per kilo


Average F.O.B AUD per kilo $5.73

C’Market price $3.48

Fair Trade minimum $4.00

143% Higher than the fair trade minimum.

On top of the FOB price we pay for shipping to Melbourne, insurance and financing of the coffee. Once it lands in our roastery, we then pay to assess the coffee, roast it, bag it and ship it to our customers. We also lose 15-18% of each kilo due to moisture loss during the roasting process.

Assessing the Shadow Boxer blend through the Transparency Project we realized that we want to pay more for coffee. The PNG Simbu is the ‘cheapest’ coffee we buy. But it does exactly what we need it to do in the blend and comes from an excellent exporter. Next year we plan to visit PNG and work out how we can improve for the future.
And it’s not just about the price per kilo. Establishing consistent relationships where we buy from the same growers each year provides stability for both sides.

To learn more about transparency in coffee and why it matters, head to Transparent Trade Coffee 

You can find Shadow Boxer at many of the fine establishments that serve Rumble Coffee. Or order online from our website.

To learn more about wholesale coffee supply to your cafe/espresso bar/food truck/spaceship please hit us up.