Colombia Rafael Amaya Espresso

* Lemonade * Papaya * Nectarine *

Farmer Rafael Amaya

Region Timaná, Huila

Altitude 1800-1900

Varietal Caturra

Process Washed extended Anaerobic fermentation

Notes: Rafael has been experimenting with Anaerobic fermentation and other processing techniques as long as anyone in Colombia. He pulped this lot and then fermented it for 180 hours before drying. Rafael keeps a close eye on the temperature during fermentation to ensure the coffee is sweet and balanced.

Timaná is close to Pitalito, one of our favourite coffee growing regions in Colombia and home to many award-winning coffees. Our green buyer Matt selected this coffee on his visit at the end of 2018 and after being rested on parchment for 2 months and shipped to Australia, we are ready to show it off to the world.

Rafael earned 1.52 Million pesos per carga for this lot when the daily rate was 716,000.

Market Price: $3.46
Fair Trade: $4.10
F.O.B: $11.30

Rumble paid 2.75 times higher than the Fair Trade price

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