Colombia Finca Toldopamba Filter


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Farm Finca Toldopamba

Producer Carlos Alberto Torres

Region Narino

Altitude 1800-1900 MASL

Varietal Maragogype

Process Washed


Finca Toldopamba has belonged to Carlos Alberto’s family for more than 50 years.Toldopambameans “cloudy lands”. Not surprisingly, this beautiful farm was offered its name because of clouds that surround the farm throughout the day due to the high, optimal altitude at which it’s located.

As his parents grow older, Carlos has begun managing operations at the family farm. Proud of his family’s long tradition of tending to the land, he continues aiming for the production of coffee that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. 

Carlos lives with his two parents and wife, Angela Lucía, who is responsible for the cupping of every individual lot after its drying for a period of more than two weeks. A true family operation, Finca Toldopamba inspires an approach to the farming of coffee that aims for complete sustainability while remaining true to its roots. 

When Carlos started producing specialty coffee on Finca Toldopamba in 2012, everything changed. Maintaining their special interest in processes and traceability means Carlos and his family are receiving better prices to improve the quality of life of his family. “Since the very beginning, with my first harvests, I realised and understood that coffee wouldn’t be profitable if I didn’t produce high-quality crops,” says Carlos. 

Throughout the years, Carlos has enjoyed travelling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures and markets (especially the USA), contexts in which he has been able to see first hand the last part of the supply chain of his products. 

FOB price: AUD/kg $14.27

C-market price: $3.75

Fair Trade minimum: $4.70

3x higher than the Fair Trade minimum.


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