Colombia Finca Buena Vista Filter


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Farm Finca Buena Vista

Producer María Nohemi Gonzales Babativa

Region Huila

Altitude 1800 MASL

Varietal Caturra

Process Washed


Discipline and a positive attitude: these are the two ingredients that María Nohemi Gonzalez Babatiba, born into a coffee-growing family and long-standing tradition, believes are central to producing great coffee. 

In 2003, María married her partner, Luis Carlos and together they founded Finca Buena Vista, an eight-hectare farm in Huila, Colombia with breathtaking views to boot. María and Luis have four hectares of coffee plants, growing varieties such as Caturra, San Bernardo/Pache, Tabi, and Castillo. 

María is certain that the new generation of producers has the advantage of having access to information that was not readily available to her parents’ generation. Together with Luis, she aims to make the most of resources available to her. 

Also a child of coffee producers, Luis recently completed a course in post-harvest processing of specialty coffee with SENA, the Colombian National Technical and Technological Centre. Applying what Luis learned, the couple has adjusted and extended their fermentation process, drying coffee on parabolic beds for 12-15 days. The results? Incredible.

Acevedo, the town in which Finca Buena Vista is located, sits in a unique position within the Cordillera Oriental/Eastern Range of the Colombian Andes, south-western Huila. With peaks ranging from 1350 to 1900 MASL, the dramatic landscape fosters a wonderful diversity of microclimates. 

Acevedo is also the source of the Sauza River. The river’s pure water flows from the Picos de La Fragua and transforms the surrounding terrain, nourishing the caves of Los Guácharos National Park where the native Guacharos birds roost. These nocturnal birds flock in colonies and are one of the few bird species that use echolocational clicks and screeches to forage and hunt. 

FOB price: AUD/kg $13.86

C-market price: $3.75

Fair Trade minimum: $4.70

2.9x higher than the Fair Trade minimum.



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