Brazil Sitio Canaã 40 Hours Espresso


*Blood Orange* Raisin *Milk Chocolate*

farm Sitio Canaã

Farmer Kleumon Silva Moreira

region Piatã

altitude 1,280 - 1,340m

varietal Acauã

process Natural Sealed Fermentation


notes Kleumon Silva Moreira is only 27. Yes, 27 years of age. Owner and manager ofSitio Canaã, he spent the last 10 yearsworking alongside the legendary Antônio Rigno (stalwart Cup of Excellence producer) learning everything from planting and tree care through to all the processing tricks of the trade. Kleumon’s 2019 coffee was a stunner, and this year, we’re very willingly back for more.

Here’s how he does it: the cherry for this coffee was picked and placed in a 120L barrel. The barrel was then 80% filled and covered with water used for washing coffee earlier in the day, a process that assisted with both fermentation and water-saving. The top of the barrel was then replaced and sealed for 40 hours. During this very special window of time, Kleumon was sure to monitor the weather registering a peak of 24°C and a minimum of 12°C, ensuring a coffee that’s as unique as it is tasty.

Three years ago, Kleumon saved enough to plant his own coffee, and this is the very first harvest from his farm. Made by an incredible example ofPiatã’s nextgeneration of passionate coffee producers, we think this coffee is pretty bloody special and we look forward to continuing work with Kleumon and his family.

FOB price: AUD/kg $10.37

C-market price: $3.20

Fair Trade minimum: $4.58

Rumble paid 224% of the Fair Trade price

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