Brazil Sitio Canaã 140 Hours Espresso


*Blood Orange* Raisin *Milk Chocolate*

farm Sitio Canaã

Farmer Kleumon Silva Moreira

region Piatã

altitude 1,280 - 1,340m

varietal Yellow Bourbon

process Natural

notes Sitio Canaã is owned and managed by Kleumon Silva Moreira. Only 26, Kleumon spent the past decade working alongside Antônio Rigno learning everything from how to plant and care for the trees through to processing. Antônio is an absolute legend with many of his coffees placing in the Cup of Excellence.  

Two years ago, Kleumon had saved enough to plant his own coffee, and this is the first harvest from his farm. He represents the next generation of coffee producers in Piata, and already is showing great promise. We think this coffee is pretty bloody special and hope we can continue to work with Kleumon and his family.

Market Price: $3.40

Fair Trade: $4.40

F.O.B: $10.08

Rumble paid 224% of the Fair Trade price


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