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Filter Roast: Kenya Kabumbu


Green Grape Rhubarb Lime

Filter roast


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region Kiambu County

varietal 100% Batian

process Washed

altitude 1500-1650 metres above sea level
notes Kabumbu is a small 5-acre estate in the Kiambu county, owned and managed by a single farmer: Joseph Mugo Karaba. His farm is planted out with 100% Batian variety trees and sits at 1,500m–1,750 metres above sea level. Kabumbu’s name translates to “small hill”. The estate has been owned by Joseph for over 2 decades. He inherited the farm from his father, who planted the first coffee trees in 1960, and now lives on the estate with his family. Joseph independently processes and sells his coffee. With support from Sucastainability, a marketing agent. He is able to sell his coffee directly ensuring better traceability and transparency and also, any premiums paid for the coffee are given directly back to the producer.

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