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Brazil Pedro Teixeira


Mulberry  Black Plum  Chocolate

 espresso roast

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region Campos das Vertentes

varietal Yellow Icatu

process Natural

altitude 1170 MASL
notes Pedro is a 5th generation coffee grower who takes care of all stages of the harvest, from planting to picking and processing. After our first visit in 2016, we have been in close contact with Pedro sharing ideas and making improvements to the coffees we purchase. Pedro and his father Joao Newton strive to produce great coffee. With this lot, they experimented with a natural process; anaerobically fermenting the whole cherries and then slowly drying them on their brand new static dryers Santo Antonio farm is a wonderful example of producers taking advantage of new technology. Using modern techniques while respecting the environment and preserving the cultural history of the land. Most of the staff are employed year-round, providing stability to local families. Unlike most business in this remote part of the country, they focus on training and developing their employees. The family has been busy building a new sanctuary for birds destined for illegal trade. With over 100 different species of birds on the farm, it’s the perfect place to bring them back to nature.

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