A great business starts with great coffee

Here at Rumble, we've run cafes, kitchens, and roasteries across Melbourne and beyond. We know how important a good cup of coffee is, and we know exactly how to make it.

With wholesale supply from Rumble, you’ll get outstanding, transparently sourced premium coffee and ongoing support from our passionate team of coffee pros, who will guide you at every step to build your business around the all-important holy grail: fantastic coffee.

We get our buzz from positive partnerships, and getting to support you in your business is one of the best parts of the job. You bring the vision, we’ll bring the passion, the hospitality expertise and the knock-out coffee you need to get rolling.


Why Rumble?

Put simply, we roast amazing coffee. And it’s all transparently sourced and roasted with passion, by fantastic people who love coffee just as much as you and your customers do.

The Rumble difference is in our commitment to transparency and sustainability, our expertise and passion for hospitality, and our focus on a 'coffee-first' cafe experience.

Consistent, world-class coffee with a quality that speaks for itself, ethically sourced from the best growing regions in the world, locally roasted in Kensington and hand-delivered by one of our staff to your cafe every week.

That’s the Rumble difference.


Choosing a great coffee supplier is one of the most important decisions a cafe can make, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Rumble.

The quality and consistency of the coffee has been outstanding and has helped us to develop a loyal following in our area.  

Opening a shop for the first time can be an incredibly daunting task, which is why it pays to partner with people who have been there before. The crew behind Rumble have extensive experience in the hospitality industry and their expertise and guidance has been a big factor in our success. 

For us at Cobb's, we've always valued working with small suppliers who care about what they do. Rumble Coffee Roasters have been a perfect partner as they're genuinely dedicated to quality and transparency across the board

Brendan Wrigley -Owner
Owner - Cobbs Coffee

Rumble’s dedication to transparency and quality is an absolute blessing to the coffee industry. It’s simply about trust. We know that they will work tirelessly at finding us the best coffee for our products, and telling us exactly the conditions of where our coffee is sourced.

Their work on transparency is pioneering a new way that all businesses can learn from. We know how much they buy their coffee for, we know the hard work they do to find us great coffee.

Their service goes beyond anything we have experienced in business. They are teaching us that the very core of what we were taught in traditional business to hide, that is cost of goods sold, can be expressed and used as an asset to bring more customers who trust their brand.

We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with Rumble, and we simply do not where we would be if we hadn’t worked with them.

Jimmy Elias
Co Founder - First Press Merchants


ASAP! We can often help well in advance of of opening day and pulling your first shot.

We've got years of experience in the cafe industry, and we can help with design, guidance on automation, machine pricing and more.

Get in touch, or book a time to drop in for an espresso at our bar

We use and recommend La Marzocco coffee machines and Mahlkoniggrinders.

There are a range of other machines that we know our coffee will positively shine in.

If you're looking to sling cheap brews from cheap machinery, rather than offer a premium coffee experience, then Rumble Coffee probably isn't for you, and that's okay.

We have a range of cheaper coffee for value focussed customers; talk to us about Supply Coffee

While we may be based in West Melbourne, we can support your Cafe no matter when in Australia it is.

From around the corner to across the country, we have customers pulling shots with Rumble Coffee in all corners of Australia.

We make every effort to ensure our pricing is competitive within specialty coffee landscape, and the support and service you'll get from us is top tier.

We work with people who want to deliver an unparalleled "coffee first" experience to their customers, that keeps them coming back over and over.

If you're looking for a no frills coffee solution, get in touch with us regarding Supply Coffee.

Of course you can - Get in touch, or book a time to drop into the espresso bar for a chat

If you're interested in roast profiling and development, talk to us about contract roasting.

We can match up to a coffee that's already working for you and your customers, or develop something from scratch.

Minimum order quantities and purchase commitments apply.