mahlkonig e80

A high quality burr coffee grinder is what sets your coffee apart, and the Mahlkönig E80 is one of the best coffee grinders on the market. Created to meet the highest demands of coffee shops around the world, the e80 is the perfect addition to your cafe set up. With it's perfect individual grinder settings, and special steel burrs, the e80 is incredibly precise.

Mahlkönig's pioneering patented Disc Distance Detection (DDD) enables you to set your grinding profile based off the actual distance between the burrs. These accurate settings and high degree of fineness results in a superior taste experience, and premium espresso grinding.

Crafted to meet high daily capacities, the Mahlkoenig e80 supreme espresso grinder is a high speed performance grinder and sets a new benchmark for commercial coffee grinders. A pleasantly quiet grinding experience, Mahlkönig's e80 supreme is a classy machine, with an illuminated spout and a powerful motor.