Running a cafe can be a hard gig, with so many things to juggle. Keeping customers happy, making sure your business is doing well, managing various wholesale partners, and making sure you're producing consistently high quality coffee. One of the things you don't need to be stressing about, is your equipment breaking down. That's why we recommend investing in the best equipment on the market, and pairing it with great quality coffee.

That's why we recommend La Marzocco coffee machines. Tried, and tested; these machines are built to last, whilst being a sleek addition to your coffee bar.
One of the best coffee machines around, The GB5-s has many features that will help take your coffee game to the next level. A beautiful machine, the polished stainless steel exterior, will sit pretty on the bench of your new cafe, and it's dual boiler system and Dual PID controller will allow you or your barista to be finely in tune with this machine.

Designed for a streamlined barista working experience, the La Marzocco GB5 -s showcases a classical European design, whilst heralding the company's Florentine heritage. The machine offers cutting edge performance and a next-level update to an industry icon.

This machine comes equipped with a water sensor, allowing you to monitor the water hardness as it enters the machine. The barista control, the GB5-s offers the user, such as water quality, and temperature stability, all results in a very high quality coffee, and an optimal experience for the user.