Golden Gloves Blend

Since we started Rumble in 2014, we knew we wanted to develop a specialist espresso blend. One for our people: black coffee drinkers, the talented baristas who brew our coffee every day and the dedicated aficionados who love our single origins. Three years and many coffees later, Golden Gloves is here.

Golden Gloves

We found a beautiful El Salvador from a Cup of Excellence winning farm, paired it with an exceptional Ethiopian natural and then went to work. We needed to roast both coffees to enhance their natural characteristics. The trick is to do that while still letting them work together.

Roasting Golden Gloves Black Coffee Blend

Golden Gloves will be a seasonal espresso blend with the components and flavour profile changing throughout the year. Unlike Haymaker and Shadow Boxer it is developed as a black coffee first. If it tastes good as a latte then that’s a bonus.

The Golden Gloves tastes like pineapple, nougat, and vanilla.

You can find the Golden Gloves at all the fine establishments that serve Rumble Coffee. Or order online from our website.

To learn more about wholesale coffee supply to your cafe/espresso bar/food truck please hit us up.


The Golden Gloves features the magnificent Golden Pheasant. Found throughout the world and famous for it’s stunning ‘cape’ of orange and black that they can fan out to cover their faces.

As always, the design of the cards and all Rumble branding is by the super-talented Jess Kelly.